Tuesday, October 5, 2010

JK Cement - a mishap

Product: Cement, Brand : JK Cement
Tagline : Vishwas hai isme kuch khas hai [It is trustworthy and special]
Company : JK Cement Ltd

When it comes to advertisements there is always this surprise factor which the advertisers try to maintain. Because of the same reason we,viewers, keep guessing what they are trying to convey to us. And in this process we try to connect with the advertisement. Ideally thats how it should work.

Now coming to our specimen.

So what's the first impression you got when you watched the JK Cement ad?
As usual before even the video finishes, you would have kept guessing what ad it could be and I believe, like most of the people ,you would have mistaken it to some soap ad. Even I did.

Was really wondering what JK Cement was trying to sell by this ad. What is the core value of the product which a viewer should percieve when viewing this ad? It is like comparing apples to oranges. What has a women in swimsuit to do with cement? Was the swimming pool made of JK cement, or she works for JK cement. This ad has clearly failed in conveying the right message. It has a very low recall. I dont think anyone would have changed their minds to purchase after watching this video, nor it tells anything positive about the JK cements.

Moreover this ad has clearly put women as a commodity. Did the hardcore feminists missed this video? Why is there no uproar on this?.

Overall a worst ad, cannot be rated also on a scale of 10; even a 0 is too much for this ad.